jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010



JC Lita Boots, Pamela Love quartz necklace, Topshop lipstick, Pamela Love Arrowhead ring, Topshop faux fur clutch

New Years Eve, It's always a big deal -at least for me- to decide what to wear. I don't want to look too girly because it's not my style, so I think this would be my perfect NYE outfit for this year. The flowy dress is short, and even though it's all black it looks different somehow, the proportions and the sheer fabric adds the fashion forward element, the accesories are just perfect to give a little bit of edge to the all black outfit and some extra spark, stones are a current trend in jewelry and Pamela Love surely knows how to do it... the JC Lita boots... well, the're THE BOOTS and this glittery color makes them the perfect shoe for the holidays. I also wanted to add a luxurious element to the outfit, so why not a little faux fur? finally the hot pink lipstick will add the pop of color. The perfect, unfussy yet chic holiday outfit. I'm just hoping I don't lose all the glamour at the end of the night! (or day?)
Happy Holidays!!

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